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DO they provide DIRECT benefits rather than indirect benefits?

DO they know the difference between passive and proactive marketing?

DO they know how to implement effective "target" marketing?

DO they invest in your marketing by:

- hiring decorators to prepare your home for the market?

- completing a video tour for multiple internet locations?

- offering advertising in excess of that provided by their company?

- providing a unique website for your property to increase calls from the ad, sign and mailers?

- providing signs with direct phone numbers so that your calls don’t get lost?

DO they offer an "EASY EXIT" listing so that you are in complete control of your home at all times?

DO they use consumer oriented marketing that has proven results?

DO they know which publications result in the most buyer responses when placing your advertising?

DO they belong to a relocation organization that will provide the best qualified buyers moving to our area?

DO they have a " pricing strategy" that can be explained to bring you the most money?

DO they offer a GUARANTEE?

DO they do a whole lot more than anyone else, or just about the same?

DO they do the same things, but a whole lot better? Can they prove it?


There are many ways to decide, but one of the best is a comparison list. Consider the following:

“Thank you for all of your hard work in our recent real estate transactions. Your diligence and persistence paid off in selling our home. You were also very helpful and detailed in our purchase at the same time. You were able to make both transactions exceptionally smooth. Your work made the whole process that much more enjoyable. We really love our new home!”

                         -Carl and Susan

“I would like to thank you for the great service you provided regarding the sale of our home. Your marketing plan for our home was very impressive. You are very personable and someone we can rely on and trust. We would definitely recommend you as a realtor.”

                          -Chris and Sue

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Picking the Right Realtor

When making one of the most important decisions of your life, there is much to consider. When choosing a realtor to help you sell your home, experience is important. However, there are many other aspects of choosing a realtor that go deeper than the bright white smile on the paper pad that comes in the mail.

The information on this page will give you an idea of the type of work I do when selling a home.


when making an important decision about selling your home...

Providing knowledge and comfort

Selling Your Home

1.  Internet Marketing - Company web site and agent web site
2.  Contact existing buyers
3.  Multiple Listing Service
4.  Target market to area- and non-area agents
5.  Target market to prospective buyers
6.  Inner-office cooperation and marketing ideas
7.  Neighborhood involvement
8.  Special features sheet
9.  National Referral and Relocation Member
10.  Unique property website
11.  Email flyers to area and out of area agents
12.  Keep current with financing options
13.  Communicate with lenders
14.  Represent you when offers are received
15.  Frequent follow-up with you
16.  Automated Agent feedback system
17.  Monitor market activity
18.  Video tour for viewing on Internet and MLS
19.  Personal advertising over and above what's provided by company
20.  Tours - Area caravan and office   
21.  Buyer Listing Service registration
22.  Open Houses - if requested

What I will do to sell your house

My Marketing Plan