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It’s true, most home buyers don’t take the time to interview real estate agents. They just take their chances on meeting an agent in an open house or over the phone. An easy, hassle free 30 minute interview will tell you if you want to work with me.

During this time you will learn:

Why I can save my buyers hundreds of dollars on loan fees.

How I can save my buyers thousands in mortgage payments.

Why my buyers look at their convenience and not mine.

How my buyers know about homes that meet their needs before anyone else.

Why my buyers have a "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE."

How my buyers avoid the 8 most common mistakes made by homebuyers.

Why my negotiation experience could save you thousands!

Why 92% of my business is repeat and referral business.

Why I provide a thorough market analysis for every home that our buyers have an interest in.

How my approach keeps you in control – From Start to Finish

I will assist you through every step of the home buying process and make it a successful and enjoyable one.

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“Thank you for everything you did to help us with finding and purchasing our home. We are very appreciative!”
                                                      -Julie S.

“Thank you for all of your incredibly hard work and dedication to us in our house hunting endeavors! We are so thankful for your thoroughness in investigating all of our concerns and for never hesitating to call us back to answer our endless questions. Your services have definitely been recommended to family and friends.”

                                                      -Ed and Sandy

Client Testemonials

People Are Talking...

Buying a home with me

-Keep you informed with every part of the transaction: from the “search” to loan application through escrow and closing.
-Automated e-mail home search
notification. “Real time” information of available homes within your parameters.
-Client update page on
website. Keeps you informed every step of the transaction.
-Consult my own “
Hot Sheet” daily for homes that are new on the market, as well as those with price changes, or have been canceled or withdrawn.
Broker Caravans of new homes on the market.
-Participate in on-going
education to better serve you. I keep on top of the changes in the market and disclosure laws.
-Diligently study and
implement the purchase contracts and addendums to help protect you and make the transaction a pleasant experience.
qualified service providers for you to select from.
assistance with qualified lenders and loan programs.
Accompany you on house viewing tours (including new construction and “For Sale by Owner”). You get me, not an assistant.
Market Analysis of any home you consider making an offer on.
-Utilize a
Transaction Coordinator to handle paperwork and schedules at no cost to you. We take the stress of paper shuffling away from you.
-Provide pertinent information regarding the property or
neighborhood you are interested in. If I don't have the answer, I will assist you in locating the proper method of obtaining it.
-Follow and abide by the
guidelines set forth in the “Buyer Broker Representation Agreement” form.

-Look out for your best interests.

What I will do for you...

Buying A Home

1.  Not understanding a local market and all that is available as home purchase choices for you.
2.  Not being selective, trying to see everything, including homes that may not even be in your price range.
3.  Not understanding pricing and the true value of certain home amenities.
4.  Weak negotiating. This mistake alone can cost the home buyer thousands of dollars.
5.  Not requiring the needed and proper inspections and using less than reputable inspectors.
6.  Not understanding all available home financing options.
7.  Paying rates and fees that are excessive.
8.  Looking for the perfect home.
9.  Not previewing schools, shopping and other neighborhood amenities.
10.  Not understanding home appreciation in particular neighborhoods.
11. Purchasing the most expensive or largest home in a particular area or neighborhood

But with me you can avoid making common buyer mistakes:

It’s ok to make mistakes...

I will help you avoid each and every one of the most common mistakes made by most home buyers. Avoiding these common errors will save you money, but maybe even more importantly,

Save you TIME!